The inputs to and outputs from the machine.

Proprietary CCM technology dissolves combustion CO2 from any source in dilute alkali, converting it to carbonate ions with efficiency approaching 100%. The carbonate solution is reacted with readily and abundantly available calcium (Ca++) and magnesium (Mg++) brines to selectively precipitate CaCO3 (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, PCC) and MgCO3·3H2O (Precipitated Magnesium Carbonate, PMC).

These conversion products are carbon negative, high value feedstocks that are in demand across many industries. PCCs are currently used in paper making, plastics, paints, adhesives, and future applications in cement and concrete are under development. Cementised PMC is an entirely new product that can be cast into final shape and thermally cured at low temperature. As a consequence. the solid undergoes spontaneous reaction bonding to form rigid solids (blocks, panels, tiles, etc.).

Cementised PMC products have low density, 650-900 kg/m3, with compressive strengths of 7-12 MPa readily achievable. Uniquely, cementised PMC products are water resistant, non-toxic, fireproof, have superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and can be cut and fastened using conventional methods.

Brines rich in Mg++ (and Ca++) salts include waste desalination brine, production and formation brine from oil and gas production, connate brines and commercially mined chlorides. Fabrication uses conventional technologies combining flexibility with low capital cost. The moulds can be reusable or, for architectural purposes, made part of a fabrication, e.g., fire-proof, water resistant cladding panels. The products have near neutral pH and do not corrode other materials, such as steel reinforcement. 

We prioritise large, stationary CO2 sources initially, by licensing the capture, production and fabrication stages of carbonate products, and support users by supplying modular carbon capture machines made under license and PCC / PMC forming technologies, giving advice and guidance on products, markets and standards. We will help to secure accreditation of product and champion their acceptance.